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Sanctuary: A Recording for Stress Relief

Journey Inward
Sanctuary: Stress Relief

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Treat yourself to this mini vacation for the mind! Get comfortable and relax and listen as Nancy's gentle voice takes you to your sanctuary, your special place, that can be anywhere or anything you want it to be, and come back feeling wonderful. Repeated use will enhance your ability to relax, and increase your confidence and inner strength.

You decide each time you use this recording where and what your sanctuary will be: a complete and wonderful fantasy, some place you've actually been before, or a combination of both. In your imagination, it can be anything you want it to be. It can be different each time you listen, or the same. It's all up to you.

This recording will help you to align yourself with a positive mind set, that according to the principles of "The Secret", and the Law of Attraction, will help you to attract positive things, qualities, and people into your life.

With repeated use of this recording you will learn to relax more quickly, deeply and completely each time, and gain confidence and inner strength, peace, and healing that you can always draw on.

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